Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia has set Russia an ultimatum of the century

Saudi Arabia delivered an ultimatum to Russia.

The authorities of Saudi Arabia delivered an official ultimatum to Russia, threatening to destroy the economic component of the country in case of refusal to fulfill the requirements. At the request of Riyadh, Russia should reduce oil production more than all other OPEC member countries, otherwise, otherwise, Riyadh is ready to further reduce the cost of oil, moving the price of one barrel to a price of $ 20, 15, or even $ 10 .

“The reason for the difficulties in negotiations on limiting oil production between OPEC countries and Russia was the ultimatum that Saudi Arabia delivered to Moscow. This is with reference to its own sources reports Bloomberg. Riyadh actually requires that Russia cut its production more than anyone else. That is, alone, it removed from the market those 1,5 million barrels per day that caused disagreements and the collapse of the OPEC + transaction at the previous negotiations in early March. Then Moscow did not accept a reduction in production by such a volume for all parties to the agreement. The parties generally agree that production should be reduced by 10 million barrels per day, the only question is how to divide the entire volume. "- сообщает Russian information publication "".

Given how Saudi Arabia brought down the cost of oil on world markets, experts believe that the ultimatum of Riyadh remains by no means unfounded, however, Russia has only a few days to decide, after which, Saudi Arabia can inflict a very serious blow on to the Russian economy, which in the situation of the spread of coronavirus, can easily destroy the largest Russian enterprises.