Saudi Arabia first appealed to Russia regarding the supply of S-400 air defense systems

Riyadh has begun negotiations with Russia on the supply of S-400s to Saudi Arabia.

After the United States began to withdraw air and missile defense assets from Saudi Arabia, Riyadh turned to Russia regarding the supply of S-400 Triumph complexes to Saudi Arabia's armaments, in fact, giving rise to negotiations on the purchase of Russian weapons.

As follows from the information provided by the publication "Al Arab", the official Riyadh deliberately turned to Russia for the supply of S-400 complexes to Saudi Arabia's armament, since today only the Russian side has effective complexes that are capable of repelling a strike from Yemen and Iran. This is especially true for Riyadh against the background of the emergence of medium-range ballistic missiles in service with the Houthis.

"Saudi Arabia will turn to Russia as the only logical alternative to replace the THAAD and Patriot missile systems with the improved S-400 system.", - reports the publication "Al Arab".

Washington will most likely try to obstruct the deal between Riyadh and Moscow, however, Saudi Arabia has leverage over the United States, including the provision of its bases to the American military.