Air Defense System


Saudi Arabia wants to buy a system from South Korea better than Russian C-400

Saudi Arabia did not like the Russian C-400 and it is ready to buy the best from South Korea.

Contrary to expectations that after the total failure of the American Patriot missile defense system, Saudi Arabia will be ready to acquire Russian S-400 air defense systems, it became known that Riyadh had found “more effective” air and missile defense systems from South Korea.

“A telephone conversation took place between the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, and South Korean President Moon Jae In, during which the head of the SA appealed to the head of the South Caucasus with a request to help strengthen their air defense. Actually, the Crown Prince simply ignored Putin’s offer and turned for help to a country that is not so famous for its air defense systems. ”- reports the publication UA ​​Info.

Any details on this subject are not yet available, however, according to a number of data, it will obviously be a question of acquiring South Korean air defense systems K30 Biho, which, in essence, are an analogue of the Russian Pantsir air defense missile systems.

Experts believe that such a choice is more likely to be politicized, since Riyadh may be under pressure from Washington, which is categorically opposed to the acquisition of Russian weapons by other countries.

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As always, on air, local experts compare warm and soft .. C-400 and the South Korean analogue of the Shell .. I suggest the author of this opus compare the battalion mortar and the coalition ...