SavunmaSanayiST: Bayraktar TB2 has already destroyed hundreds of T-72 tanks

Turkey declared the uselessness of the armor of the Russian T-72.

After information appeared that the Russian military began testing T-72 tanks with a visor against strikes on the front hemisphere using drones, Turkey unexpectedly announced that such an "umbrella" would not save Russian tanks, since guided munitions could successfully bypass a similar obstacle. Moreover, according to the Turkish edition "SavunmaSanayiST", over the past two years, Bayraktar TB2 attack drones have already destroyed hundreds of T-72 tanks.

The question of the destruction of more than a hundred T-72 tanks by Turkish drones alone is highly controversial, since Turkey has not provided any evidence to support this. Nevertheless, Turkey believes that Russia is primarily trying to find ways to protect itself from Turkish UAVs and, probably, the Javelin complexes - both the first and second weapons are currently being used in the Donbas.

“The Russian army is trying to develop solutions to protect some of the tanks in its arsenal from possible attacks from above. Potential threats include a Javelin missile and MAM ammunition. According to the video filmed in Crimea, it is clear that a checkered armor-like structure was installed on the turret of a T-72B3 tank belonging to the Russian army. We can say that the goal of Russia is to protect these tanks from attacks from above. Among the threats that can come from the air in Ukraine against Russian tanks are the FGM-148 Javelin missile, which Ukraine purchased from the United States, and MAM-L / C ammunition manufactured by Roketsan, which can be launched by the Bayraktar TB2 drone. It is highly debatable how effective Russia's latest solution will be against the Javelin missile, since the missile has an armor-piercing tandem warhead. This shows that the solution developed by the Russians is in fact directed against the MAM family of ammunition, which has very successfully acted as tank and armored vehicle killers in Karabakh, Syria and Libya. At this stage, we can say that these tanks are placed on the field only for testing. Of course, other possible threats include small ammunition fired from UAVs. To date, Bayraktar TB2 drones have destroyed more than a hundred T-72 tanks out of more than 25000 produced. "- notes Turkish edition "SavunmaSanayiST".

Experts believe that if the equipment is located in open areas, then the probability of a successful drone strike can really be high, however, if the equipment is in cover, it will not be possible to accurately aim the ammunition at the target - it will not cause significant damage to the tank.

Hmm ... where in the East without cheap pathos ...

Apparently, Turkey received these statistics from the Ukrainian military. I can't find any other explanation.

Hundreds. Destroyed. And alone ... How low (y) the Turkish lira fell, if the Turks needed such a low-quality advertisement

Everything is fine here, in this news.
A total of 154 drones were produced (including export ones). More than half of these items are recycled.
And they destroyed over a hundred T-72s.
What to say. Turks don't change.

"bypass the umbrella"? It's like a gun with a crooked barrel to shoot from around the corner ?! :)

Any powerful ammunition destroys ERA. This is already clear. The problem is its accuracy. And a hundred out of thousands is not much. Blind actions are just beginning.

So they help: "... We must take! ..." As the heroine of one film said