Shot down a drone


Israeli military drone "Skylark" shot down

From MANPADS shot down an Israeli military drone.

According to information published by the Islamist movement Hamas, in the airspace over Palestine, an Israeli military unmanned aerial vehicle Skylark was destroyed. According to unconfirmed reports, the drone was destroyed from small arms.

Initially, the Israeli media denied that the Palestinian Islamist movement "Hamas" shot down an Israeli military drone, calling this information a fake, but at the moment several information resources announced that this information was fully confirmed, including photographs.

It should be clarified that Israeli military drones quite often fly over Palestine, however, due to their relatively small size and flight altitude to 5 kilometers, the probability of hitting them from the ground remains extremely small, however, obviously, HAMAS managed to completely dispel it .

Later, the Israeli side confirmed the loss of the unmanned aerial vehicle, however, it is reported that the drone crashed, allegedly due to technical problems.

There are no official comments from the Israeli Ministry of Defense on this subject.