downed aircraft


A second reconnaissance aircraft escorting an American aircraft carrier was shot down.

The second reconnaissance aircraft accompanying the American aircraft carrier was shot down in less than 24 hours.

A few hours ago it became known that the Yemeni rebels, using an unknown air defense system, destroyed the second Saudi Arabian Air Force reconnaissance aircraft in less than 24 hours, which checked the situation before the passage of the American aircraft carrier “Harry Truman” at the head of the aircraft carrier strike group.

The Ansar Allah (Husita) Movement announced Wednesday that another reconnaissance aircraft belonging to the forces of the Arab coalition had crashed in the Saad governorate near the border with Saudi Arabia. “Yemeni air defense managed to bring down a spy plane this afternoon in the Al-Sukh region of Al-Qatf,” wrote Brigadier General Yahya Sarea on Wednesday. He said the plane "was shot down during the war." Brigadier General Sarea did not specify which weapons were used to bring down this enemy aircraft. The destruction of this Arab Coalition reconnaissance aircraft is celebrated for the second time in the last 24 hours when they shot down an enemy aircraft near the border with Saudi Arabia. ”, - reports "Al masdar news».

At the moment, the fact remains unknown whether it is a reconnaissance aircraft or an unmanned aerial vehicle, however, given the unmanned flight along the west coast of Yemen, an unknown aircraft could indeed collect information for the subsequent safe passage of the U.S. Navy carrier strike group through Bab- Al-Mandeb Strait, since the Hussites may well attack both the aircraft carrier itself and the entire strike group.

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