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Suicide bombers drove downed Azerbaijani An-2 planes with bombs on board

Downed Azerbaijani An-2s were operated by suicide pilots.

Earlier information that the An-2 planes used by the Azerbaijani Air Force are operated in an unmanned mode and are used for reconnaissance and bombing received the first denial - according to Russian military journalists, suicide bombers were at the helm of these aircraft.

“In the first days of the Karabakh conflict, the soldiers of the Artsakh Defense Army shot down about 5“ cornmen ”stuffed with explosives. With the help of AN-2, Azerbaijan tried to open the air defense system of Artsakh. At first, an unmanned method of aircraft control was considered as a version. But the results of the examination and @wargonzo sources in Istanbul refute it. There is reason to believe that "suicide bombers" were sitting at the controls of the AN-2, whose purpose was to send bombs to military targets. Experienced pilots told the @wargonzo project that even a conventional “teapot” can be taught to operate a corn truck in two days. If desired, this can be easily done in a couple of hours. And the fact that no fragments of bodies were found at the site of the fall explains the presence of 500 kg. explosives. Handwriting typical of terrorists in the SAR. True, there the "suicide bombers" were put into ground transport and sent to blow up checkpoints ", - about it сообщает Russian journalist Semyon Pegov.

Experts, in turn, believe that there should have been no real problems with upgrading the An-2 for remote control, since it would take several months to train the same pilots.

"It is possible that suicide bombers really were at the controls, however, Azerbaijan has enough missile weapons to hit targets throughout Armenia, which raises a question regarding the statements made."- said analyst

It should be noted that today there is objective evidence of the destruction of only two aircraft of the Azerbaijani Air Force.

Dear pro-Armenian media in Russia! Within a year, the security service will purge your "valiant army". Continue to do your "business" for, you are helping to identify persons who compromise the Russian media and bring confusion in relations between the countries of the former Soviet space. You do not respect or love your country. The concept of honor and patriotism for you has replaced the words: lies and betrayal for money!

Nonsense, complete, the an-2 is produced under license in China, back in 2018 the Chinese made an uav from it and tested it, in addition to the cargo, it can carry all the same equipment as an attack drone, before use they were painted in the colors of agricultural aviation so that there were fewer questions. This copy of the AN-2, a completely shock drone, do not even harbor illusions that this is an old tub inherited from the USSR, although the Chinese could modify the old stuff

The AN-2 was used to identify camouflaged air defense points, so that then UAVs could strike at them. All these fables about suicide bombers are painful fantasies of Armenians

As previously reported, a lot of AN-2s were shot down from small arms, did they really all explode, so there were no body fragments left?