Shot down IL-76


The SBU reported the downed Russian IL-76

Ukrainian media reported that IL-76 aircraft had been shot down by Russia.

The Ukrainian edition of 112.Ua, citing the press service of the Security Service of Ukraine, reports that the Russian military destroyed the Il-76 military transport aircraft belonging to the Ukrainian Air Force.

“Five years ago, 14 June 2014, in the skies over Lugansk, Russian military intelligence officers shot down a military transport plane of the Ministry of Defense Il-76. In that terrible disaster killed 49 military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The security service has irrefutable evidence that the decision to shoot down was made in the Kremlin and triggered by a freelance unit of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, known as the “Wagner private military company”- said in the message.

Despite the alleged “irrefutable evidence,” they were never presented by the Ukrainian side, which indicates only the next stage of the information war against Russia.

Specialists draw attention to the fact that there are a sufficient number of portable anti-aircraft missile systems in the DPR and LPR armed forces, as a result of which the Ukrainian IL-76 could be shot down by representatives of these unrecognized states, but why the trace of Russia was noticed in this remains unknown .

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