Transaero Airlines


The deal between Aeroflot and Transaero failed

The deal to buy "Aeroflot" company "Transaero" was disrupted.

The main reason for the fact that the transaction is the Russian airline "Transaero" has not taken place, the delay is to collect all the necessary documents, however, noted experts, in fact it will have no impact on the fate of Russia's largest flights shedule, and only postpone the moment.

Some experts suggest that such actions on the part of the shareholders of Transaero could have a special character, since the deadline of 24 days allocated for collecting all the required documents is quite sufficient to prepare all that is necessary, however, at the same time, the reason For the artificial braking of Transaero's transition to the ownership of Aeroflot is still unknown.

Among other things, on the eve of it became known that the statement was issued on that airline "Transaero" may be declared bankrupt.


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