The aircraft SSJ-100


The deal for the sale of SSJ-100 to Europe is planned to be completed by the end of the year

Russia intends to close the deal on the sale of domestic aircraft SJS-100 To Europe, in the course of the next few months.

To date, the produced information concerning the transaction is not much, but information portal became aware of the fact that an agreement on the delivery of planes in Europe has been signed during the International Air Show "MAKS-2015».

The company intending to purchase Russian passenger airliners Sukhoi SuperJet-100, wished to remain anonymous until the transaction was completed, and therefore its name, as well as the country, will be made public later, the wave is likely before the end of this year.

Specialists assume that the delivery of Russian aircraft SSJ-100 is only the first, but very significant step, and one should expect that if these aircraft prove themselves, European air carriers will certainly begin to put them into operation, especially since domestic aircraft in its reliability Are by no means inferior to foreign airliners, while at a price they are much more profitable.


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