Security Wise: India is close to buying Tu-160M ​​strategic bombers from Russia

Indian media announced agreements with Russia on the purchase of Tu-160M ​​strategic bombers.

Indian information resources report successful negotiations with the Russian side regarding the early delivery of Tu-160M ​​strategic bombers. According to Indian resources, negotiations between Russia and India are at the final stage. This allegedly means that India will soon have its own strategic bomber. Information on this subject is provided by the Indian resource "Security Wise".

“The Indian Air Force seems to be reaching a strategic peak and may soon acquire an improved and modernized version of the Tu-160 Blackjack called the White Swan. This deal, after the S-400 and assistance in hypersonic weapons technology, confirms Russia's status as India's sole supplier of top-notch military technology. As a further note, former Air Marshal Arupa Raha also indicated that a hypersonic weapon variant with a nuclear warhead may soon appear. Without a doubt, these weapons will be placed in the weapons compartment of the White Swan.says in communication edition of Security Wise.

It is known that in the near future India may indeed be armed with the Brahmos-2 hypersonic missile, however, at the moment there is no official confirmation from Moscow regarding the fact that negotiations on the supply of Tu-160 bombers for the needs of the Indian Air Force were conducted at all, although this was discussed earlier. mentioned and fairly reputable Indian publications.