At least 6 rocket strikes were carried out in the center of Kharkiv today

The center of Kharkov was subjected to rocket attacks.

Tonight, six powerful missile strikes were carried out on the territory of Kharkov. The strikes could have been directed at the places of temporary deployment of Ukrainian troops and military equipment. At the same time, it is reported that the strikes were so strong that there are giant multi-meter funnels at the site of missile impacts.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of strikes on the center of Kharkov. At the site of one of the strikes, a serious fire started - according to preliminary data, the blow fell just on the hangar, where the Ukrainian military and Ukrainian equipment could be located. In other pictures you can see the consequences of rocket hits in the central park of Kharkov.

At the place of arrivals there are giant funnels with a diameter and a depth of several meters. At the same time, apparently, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine could be deployed on the territory of the central park of the city, waiting to be sent to the Limanskoye and Kupyanskoye directions, where Russian troops are currently intensively attacking.

The Kharkiv authorities have not yet reported on exactly what kind of destruction the night rocket attack led to.


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