The secret equipment from the crashed Su-27 was never found - the plane simply disappeared

For 10 days of the search operation, it was not possible to find secret equipment from the Su-27 fighter.

The victim, 10 days ago, the crash in the waters of the Black Sea, the Russian Su-27 fighter still could not be found, just as it was not possible to find the pilot, and, no less important, some secret equipmenton board a combat aircraft.

At the moment, it is known that the area near the Crimean peninsula is defined quite accurately, however, at the moment, we have not been able to find the slightest sign of finding the main part of the fragments of the fighter and the pilot on board, which raises a lot of questions regarding the effectiveness of the equipment used to conduct search and rescue operations.

Experts have a lot of questions about the fact which particular secret equipment could be on board the crashed fighter. Considering the fact that, according to some data, the combat aircraft was supposed to intercept two NATO ships that appeared in the waters of the Black Sea, we can talk about a system of electronic intelligence or electronic countermeasures, however, to date there is no information on this subject.

“The search for the fighter was very long. He couldn’t just simply disappear near the territorial waters of Russia ... It should be borne in mind that NATO is quite interested in obtaining any data about this combat aircraft, recognized as one of the best fighters in the world, and taking into account the appearance of data on secret equipment on board, this should be even more interested in a potential adversary of Russia ”, - the expert marks.

I completely agree with you, as I have a direct relationship to all of this.

Shaiga sold cheap to the Turks

Maybe to the Turks?

Was there a disaster?

It is strange to send an air defense fighter to intercept ships, although it is possible, but ineffective. The recognition system "friend or foe" in the fall was supposed to self-destruct, and if not, then let them decipher if possible. The rescue operation has already turned into a search operation. The pilot is no longer alive. For couch connoisseurs I will explain. It makes no sense to go after any detail except the identification system. Ukraine has long handed over the Su-27 to the United States and it takes part in air battles as the enemy’s aircraft in America as a potential enemy’s aircraft. Seed hydrogen is located at depths of more than 200 m in the Black Sea, so the search for fragments is, to put it mildly, difficult.

Izvestia newspaper: "... in China, the Su-27 family is armed with more aircraft than in Russia (at least, if you do not take into account the Su-34 bombers that stand apart)." Su-27 and Su-30MKI were also exported to India, and they specially transported Su to the United States so that the Amer pilots could develop tactics for dealing with our aircraft. This is about the fact that "NATO is quite interested in obtaining any data about this combat aircraft, recognized as one of the best fighters in the world." They already learned everything from and to what they wanted. Unless some kind of secret equipment, but in which case they will buy a house on the Cote d'Azur from our energy company. Now they will study the Turkish S-400.

Well, now you can catch on live bait who believed this tale,

What did you "relax" so ...


Perhaps there was a link from 2 planes. One made a training launch of the rocket and take the rocket and capture the missing plane. As an option.

you need to fly in a pair as before

What nonsense. They wrote that they found the pilot. He died from hypothermia in water.

This people survives in this country, and he should worry about the tragedies of this country ?? I beg of you...

The tragedy of the country should excite the people when this country stands exactly cancer to its people ?? This people is SURVIVING in this country, and it is not up to its problems ...

That's for sure. They just don’t tell us. Why didn’t they fly in pairs?

The pilot is likely already resting in the Canary Islands !!!

For some reason, people believed that they became omnipotent with their smartphones, social networks, cars, aspirin, etc. But every day someone is convinced of this. At the hospital, at sea, sitting on an airplane. And the rest continue to believe. To your time.

Under water and at great depths, this is problematic.

And there is power only in Putin's Russia. Check and checkmate NATO

A man escaped from Mordor. Tea is not the first time ...

Search must be in Ukraine.

Flew to Turkey, provided a rich remaining life. Well done.

handbrake with reverse)

Yes, everything is much simpler: but there is NOTHING to look for! There are depths of 2 km, what do you want? Nobody thought that the planes, it turns out, could fall, and even at sea, and even where 2 km!

Yeah, right, to Japan, which is next to the Crimea ...

I read the comments and was horrified by the thinking of people (the language does not turn out to call them people). What happened is the tragedy of the country, the VKS and most importantly the pilot’s family and his friends. Why "crap" with their cynicism and soullessness, there are no good words better keep silent.

I drove the blindfolds to Turkey or got lost - the roof went from a lie in our media.

Some kind of nonsense, there is a signal, but there is no airplane and pilot! Explain I do not understand ???

Apparently they shot him down. And we do not want to tell the truth

already in Turkey at the airport they’re dismantling NATO! and the pilot was given 1 millar in dollars.

I would like to make a big mistake, but ... Excuse me, our soldiers, but - is this an escape? After all, there was a case with Belenko et al. ... This is just an assumption. Sorry again.

Here are the clowns! Track my location on a smartphone
can with an accuracy of 5-10 meters, but they can’t find the plane.

And on what weapons of secret and sov.secretnymi (for example, "identification system") they are not?

The pilot took off together with the plane over the water and none of the praised air defense saw him.

New gearbox

Maybe he took the same gum help, and write off to Avria?

Like in the Pacific. And where are the spy satellites?

I dare to suggest two options:
fell and is in a completely different square at great depths.
2. The plane was shot down by NATO and, together with the pilot, is already on one of NATO’s ships. Or the most interesting nodes for them

The ships were afraid that he would turn on his reb and, just in case, turn on his own.

Flown away or framed a light trophy to partners.

Gone in a parallel dimension, that is, in a parallel world ... There, his special services are unlikely to get ...

Without secret equipment on a military aircraft, this is not a combat aircraft ... !!! And the name of the pilot is not Belenko or Sakhnenko or Kuzyuk .... !!! ??? There are no miracles ...!

naive people, look at the Pentagon for a long time everything has been sold to partners!

The secret in such equipment should only be a program that works ONLY when there is power.

Hijacked to Japan.