Secret American plane crashed in prison

US secret aircraft crashed in the prison yard

A single copy of the Northrop N9M Flying Wing 1944, crashed on the premises of the Norco prison in California. The disaster was so serious that the car is simply impossible to recover.

The Drive edition reports that the vehicle was the fourth and last of the entire series of models created for testing (scale - 1: 3) of the Northrop XB-35 bomber. This model is unofficially called the “grandfather” of the notorious B-2 stealth bomber.

The crashed car for the past ten years has been kept in the museum of aviation and cosmonautics. There she was transferred back in 1950-s. In 1981, the device began to recover. In 1996, his flight tests began. The unique machine was a small, 5,5-meter aircraft, with a wingspan of about 20-meters.

Developments N9M Northrop Grumman were used in the development of modern UAVs. These included drones such as X-47B. Crashed N9M was the last working aircraft of all samples. The causes of the disaster are not yet known.