The US Senate blocked voting on the Ukraine aid bill

A bill to allocate multibillion-dollar aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan was blocked in the US Senate, as follows from the broadcast. Democrats proposed ending the debate and proceeding with voting, but this required the approval of at least 60 senators. However, the proposal has not gained sufficient support and the Senate will not yet be able to consider the request on its merits.

US President Joe Biden previously requested $106 billion in aid for Ukraine and Israel, but Congress failed to reach a consensus. The main problem was the issue of protecting the US border. Republicans in Congress have said they will not support funding for Ukraine until the administration reconsiders its approach to border security.

The Republican-majority House approved aid only for Israel, but the Democratic-controlled Senate blocked the move. Approval of the request requires the consent of both houses of Congress and the signature of the president. The administration admitted that funds previously allocated to help Kyiv are being depleted, and therefore the volume of weapons sent to Ukraine is decreasing.

Negotiations between the Democratic and Republican parties on additional support for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan have failed due to Republican disagreement on immigration legislation. If Congress does not agree on assistance to Ukraine before the start of the Christmas holidays, then this issue will be postponed to the post-holiday period. The House of Representatives will resume work on January 9, and the Senate on January 8.


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