Serbia could break cooperation with Russia due to espionage

The only Russian ally in Europe can break all agreements and arrangements with Russia.

The scandal that surfaced in the European media with Russian spies in Serbia can be a serious problem for Russia. This is primarily due to the fact that, despite friendly relations between the two countries, Russia, for an unknown reason, was at the center of a spy scandal. His details have not yet been disclosed, but the Serbian leader demanded that Russia explain that this does not exclude the possible breakdown of all relations and agreements with the only European ally.

“We would like a good and trusting relationship. Serbia is ready for good relations, and we hope that Russia too ”“, said Vučić, emphasizing that Serbia is not ready to cooperate with Russia if the latter cannot ensure honest relations with this state.

Specialists, in turn, note that due to the espionage scandal that, by the way, is not commented on in the Kremlin, Serbia may break all existing agreements with Russia, including regarding the acquisition, as well as payment for already acquired military equipment, where, By the way, also include the Russian air defense missile system "Shell" and air defense missile systems S-400 "Triumph".