Serbia appealed for modernization of the MiG-29 in Belarus, not in Russia

Belarus will upgrade the MiG-29 for Serbia

The publication of the Serbian edition of "Informer" says that Belarus is upgrading four MiG-29. As stated by Serbian President Alexander Vucic after his visit to Belarus, this is being done at a “fraternal price”. By the end of 2019, the fighters must be transferred to Serbia.

While in Belarus, Alexander Vucic met with President Alexander Lukashenko. Evaluating the results of the meeting, Vucic said:

“I thank President Lukashenko for donating the four MiG-29 and the fact that the prices for the overhaul we received are very favorable. Belarus has greatly helped the Serbian defensive capabilities, and we are very grateful for that. ”

Four MiG-29 fighters were transferred to Belarus by Serbia as part of military technical assistance in February 2019. All vehicles remained in Belarus, where they are upgrading their navigation systems, as well as, probably, weapon systems and electronic protection. It will take up to one and a half years to refine the aircraft.

According to the Serbian edition of "Informer", after the transfer of four MiG-29 military fleet of Serbia will be the most powerful in the Balkans.

Remarkable is the fact that Serbia turned to Belarus for modernization. And not to Russia.

They invented a scandal - the Belarusians gave up their four MiG-29, provided that the Serbs pay for the modernization. What is the reason for the tantrum is not clear

It was also with those MiGs that Russia donated to Serbia. They are modernized in Russia.

Konecno, potomu sto eto donnacia belorussii