Serbia refused to purchase Russian C-400, offering to transfer them to the country for free

The President of Serbia announced his refusal to purchase the Russian S-400 Triumph air defense systems.

Despite the fact that a few days ago Serbia announced negotiations with Russia regarding the acquisition of Russian S-400 air defense systems, provided that Russia provided a special long-term loan, a few hours ago the Serbian president announced that he would buy the Russian Triumphs we are not talking. The reason was not as strange as the condition put forward by Vucic.

“What I saw is an impressive weapon. We have no intention of buying [the C-400 system], because we have no money to pay for it, given the construction of highways and numerous projects. You know, when you have such a weapon, no one will attack you. Neither the United States nor other pilots fly where C-400 operates: Israeli pilots fly neither over Turkey nor Syria, with the exception of the Golan Heights. We have aviation that is stronger than ever before. We will strengthen air defense with the help of the "Shell" systems and other things that are not on the list of sanctions "- said the Serbian leader, emphasizing that the reason for rejecting the "best air defense system in the world" is American sanctions.

At the same time, Vučić offered Russia to transfer these complexes to Serbia for free, and, obviously, in this case, the Serbian president is no longer worried about US sanctions, which is more than strange.

If this is only so, then these are deadly microbes, not allies, not friends, and all the more not brothers in spirit and faith.