Serbia secretly supplied Ukraine with ammunition worth more than 800 million euros


Serbia secretly supplied Ukraine with ammunition worth more than 800 million euros

Serbia, remaining one of two European countries that has not joined Western sanctions against Russia, is quietly increasing the sale of ammunition to the West, which ultimately goes to strengthen the defense of Ukraine. According to estimates provided by the Financial Times, since the beginning of the full-scale conflict in Ukraine, the volume of ammunition exports from Serbia through third countries amounted to about 800 million euros.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic confirmed this figure, emphasizing that he views the situation as a business opportunity and does not intend to take sides in a military conflict.

“It's part of our economic recovery and it's important to us. Yes, we export our ammunition... We cannot export to Ukraine or Russia... but we had many contracts with the Americans, Spaniards, Czechs and others. What they do with it in the end is their business,” Vucic said.

Analysts believe that for the West, supporting Ukraine has become a priority, more important than pushing Serbia towards democratic reforms. Ivan Vejvoda, researcher at the Institute for the Humanities in Vienna, noted:

“Vučić is silent about the fact that there is support for Ukraine, but not direct... He speaks vaguely. It's obvious he doesn't want to admit it. He wants his far right to be happy, when in fact Serbia has offered massive aid to Ukraine.”

Serbia's participation in the supply of ammunition to Ukraine is so veiled that official data does not reflect it. Diplomats and analysts emphasize that the Serbian leadership is deliberately hiding these facts in order to avoid internal political tension and maintain balance in relations with various international partners.


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