Serbia becomes new buyer of Iranian drones

Serbia will become a new major buyer of Iranian kamikaze drones.

Iran intends to sell a large batch of kamikaze drones to Serbia. The specific type of drones is not called, however, most likely, we are talking about Shahed-131 or Shahed-136 drones. Information on this subject is provided by the Al Arabiya TV channel.

According to the Al Arabiya TV channel, Serbia was interested in acquiring a large batch of Iranian unmanned aerial vehicles capable of hitting targets by self-detonation. Given that the cost of one drone is only about 20 thousand dollars, Serbia can purchase a batch of 50-70 drones, which, given the relatively destructive capabilities of these UAVs, can become a very strong country in terms of its armament.

Tehran has not yet commented on the sale of its kamikaze drones to Serbia, however, given that Belgrade is an Iranian ally, the Islamic Republic may well organize the sale of these weapons to this European country.

Iran is very interested in supplying its weapons to other countries.


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