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The network announced the tests of the Avangard missile, and published a video of the mysterious explosion

The web showed a video of a mysterious explosion in the atmosphere, and they believe that this is Avangard.

Against the background of an active discussion of the mysterious explosion in the atmosphere of the planet near the Kamchatka Peninsula, as a result of which users of the Facebook social network suggested that it could have been initiated by tests of the Russian hypersonic Avant-garde missile system, a video appeared that the fact that December 18 of the year 2018 really tested the Avangard rocket.

On the presented video frames, you can see that an unknown object is engulfed in flames, which, according to users of the social network, can be traces of plasma that covers the combat units of the Avangard hypersonic missile system when it is accelerated to a speed of 33 thousand km \ h.

Moreover, in the presented video frames one can also see an explosion that occurred at an altitude of about 25 kilometers, while, as noted by Facebook users, at such an altitude, the atmosphere remains sufficiently discharged and the probability of an explosion of a space object, and it is assumed that we are talking about a meteorite, is extremely small.

It should be clarified that the official tests of the Avangard missile system took place on December 26, 2018, that is, in fact, a week before the mysterious explosion was recorded.

And how to understand the wording "a week before"?

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