Launch ICBM train DPRK


North Korea launches first ballistic missile with nuclear train

North Korea launched a nuclear missile from a nuclear train.

The head of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un, brought a lot of trouble to the United States, Japan and South Korea by launching a nuclear ballistic missile from a special train. The key problem was the fact that it is impossible to track the train, taking into account the rather extensive network of DPRK railways, and, consequently, Pyongyang could deliver an unexpected nuclear strike.

In the pictures presented, you can see the launch of a nuclear ballistic missile. The latter was not equipped with a nuclear warhead, however, successful tests indicate Pyongyang's serious progress in the development of its own nuclear weapons.

What specific rocket we are talking about is still unknown. It has been suggested that the missile is capable of striking at distances of the order of one thousand kilometers. Nevertheless, given the progress of the DPRK in the development of such complexes, there is a possibility that Pyongyang may also have ballistic missiles with a much longer range.

A few years earlier it became known that Russia also intends to revive several Soviet projects related to the use of railway networks for the transportation and launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles, however, at what stage the implementation of such programs is at the moment remains unknown.

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