Six Russian warplanes preemptively "bombed" an American destroyer that entered the Black Sea

Russia "bombed" an American missile destroyer that entered the Black Sea.

Following in the waters of the Black Sea, the American missile destroyer "Donald Cook" was subjected to another "attack" from the Russian Aerospace Forces - at least six Russian combat aircraft, taking off from an airbase in Crimea, moved to the area of ​​the proposed passage of an American warship, having worked out strikes on the American destroyer.

According to the data presented, on January 23, 2021, a pair of front-line Su-24 bombers, taking off from the territory of a military airfield in Crimea, headed to the southwestern part of the Black Sea. Having covered about 300 kilometers, the bombers turned around, however, two Su-30 fighters appeared in the air behind them, which also covered a distance of about 300 kilometers, and laid down on the opposite course. Some time later, Su-27 fighters appeared in the sky, which also took part in these strange maneuvers.

According to the Russian Telegram-community “Hunter's Notes”, Russian aviation carried out the detection and conditional destruction of the missile destroyer Donald Cook (DDG-75), although the missile destroyer itself entered the Black Sea only a few hours later, which, obviously, indicates that Russia has demonstrated its readiness to act radically, especially against the background of repeated violations of its territorial waters by American warships.

Yes, they send it on purpose so that ours would have someone to train on ...

What for? Give aviation kerosene to the poor and pensioners! Hee hee!

it is possible to enter, but it will be difficult to exit back if it is completely impossible.

what if, on the contrary, an American destroyer shot down 6 Russian planes?

The aircraft did not enter the destroyer's air defense zone, but as such an option.


Not Russia, not China, they won't even be able to drop a speck of dust on the United States) it's all grandmother's tales)) even supposedly China gave the order to immediately destroy the destroyer of the United States, Russia gave the order to open fire without warning)) But this is all nonsense as they entered the borders with their feet and they will)

Of course, you can even use a rocket, but with a cruiser it is slower and more expensive! And by plane - more reliable!


This is not a waste, it is a practice of skills, an improvement in the quality of a combat mission and group maneuvers to destroy a conventional enemy, but only on a real target.

Each fighter was shot down several times by the destroyer's air defense. Draw.

I also don't understand why the ship was driven across half the world ...

What are the expenses? Pilots are required to fly, all the time. And it's better on business than just like that.

Are there any such in the Black Sea Fleet?

Why such a waste?

Why not put a missile cruiser with the latest missile weapons in the path of this donald's movement?