Six aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces entered the air defense identification zone of South Korea

Six Russian aircraft frightened the South Korean Air Force with their unexpected appearance in the air defense identification zone.

A group of six Russian fighters operated jointly with a group of two PLA Air Force fighters. Their appearance in the South Korean air defense identification zone was a big surprise for the military, especially given the rather complicated relations of Seoul with Beijing and Moscow, as a result of which South Korea considers this as a very serious incident.

According to Yonhap, neither Russia nor China warned about the flight of their combat aircraft. However, the Russian side has repeatedly claimed that the so-called air defense zone was established unilaterally by South Korea, as a result of which Russian flights took place within the framework of international rules.

So far, nothing is known about the purposes of flights of Russian fighters together with PLA Air Force fighters, however, we can talk about jointly planned missions, since recently the Russian Aerospace Forces are increasingly interacting with the PLA Air Force as part of cooperation between the two countries.


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