Scholz again refused to transfer Taurus missiles to Kyiv

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced that Berlin will not transfer Taurus long-range missiles to Ukraine. The main reason for this decision is the inability of the Ukrainian side to program the missiles on their own, and sending German specialists for this would be too risky due to the possible escalation of the conflict.

“From my point of view, it is problematic to transfer weapons that can hit 500 km and so accurately that from the point of view of the country that transfers it, this would be justified only if it itself determines and sets targets. And this, again, impossible, since we do not want to become participants in this confrontation", said Olaf Scholz.

Germany's decision to refuse to transfer the missiles caused some discontent in Ukraine, where they hoped to strengthen their defense capabilities with Western weapons. However, Scholz stressed that Germany continues to support Ukraine in its struggle for sovereignty and territorial integrity in other ways, including the supply of humanitarian aid and other military equipment.


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