Shoigu announced the appearance in Russia of tropospheric electronic warfare means?

The Minister of Defense of Russia announced the appearance of tropospheric electronic warfare systems in service with Russia.

The recent statement by the head of the Russian defense department, Sergei Shoigu, about the electronic warfare systems adopted and being developed by the Russian military, may be a kind of announcement of the adoption or the imminent adoption of fundamentally new electronic warfare and electronic suppression systems for the Russian army. This follows from the information about the increase in the range of Russian electronic warfare systems by 3.5 times, which exceeds the distance of a thousand kilometers

The development of tropospheric means of electronic suppression will significantly increase the effectiveness of jamming the enemy, deprive the latter of communication, or work out an imitation of an air raid or missile strike. Determining the exact location of the complex will be very problematic, while such systems can easily bypass the so-called “curvature of the planet” condition.

As an example of the effectiveness of such electronic warfare systems, experts cite an example of the fact that an American aircraft carrier with F-35 fighters will have to approach the coast at a distance of only a few hundred kilometers, which will allow revolutionary electronic warfare systems to completely block the communication of the latter with the satellite or disrupt the operation systems of the fighter even before the latter takes off from the deck of an aircraft carrier.

“Everything is quite simple - the longer the range of the electronic warfare means, the more problems a potential adversary gets. In the case of active jamming, it will be possible to forget about coordinated actions, not to mention the fact that missiles and guided aerial bombs will simply lose their coordinates. ", - emphasizes specialist

This is, of course, good. Only the tropospheric "channel" is not a microwave waveguide at all. The presence and properties of the channel depend on the sun and its activity. Those. from ionization of different layers of the atmosphere.