The ABM system


Shoigu: Moscow will receive an upgraded missile defense system

Moscow’s missile defense system is being upgraded to 2022 year.

The modernization of the Moscow anti-missile defense system according to the plan of the Ministry of Defense should be completed by 2022. This was announced on Wednesday, 19 of June, by the head of the Ministry of Defense of Russia Sergey Shoigu at the board of the Ministry for the implementation of state defense orders and the implementation of the May decrees of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin 2012 and 2018.

The Minister said that the implementation of this plan, as well as the implementation of other activities undertaken by the military department, "will ensure the solution of the priority tasks facing the aerospace forces."

What changes the Moscow anti-missile defense system will undergo is still unknown, but information has appeared earlier that after upgrading the system will be able to detect even hypersonic targets, and the accuracy of their defeat will increase significantly.

It is assumed that the Moscow anti-missile defense system will also be combined with the work of Prometheus C-500 systems.

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