Shoigu and rocket


Shoigu told about the new mysterious Russian hypersonic weapon

The Russian Defense Minister spoke about the mysterious hypersonic armament.

The head of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Sergei Shoigu, in the framework of the scientific-practical conference, made a statement in which he was surprised at the experts. According to Shoigu, in the near future the Russian military will receive the latest hypersonic weapon, which has no analogues in the modern world.

“In the near future, the army and the navy will receive a completely new, unparalleled weapon based on hypersound technology and laser energy. Its first samples have already been put on experimental combat duty ”, - said the head of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

It is noteworthy that Sergei Shoigu didn’t make any clarification, and therefore, there were suggestions that it could be a question of new hypersonic missiles, as well as laser weapons, since the same Avangard missile systems, "And Peresvet laser complexes have already been on experimental combat duty for a long time.

Earlier, sources reported that unique tactical missile systems equipped with hypersonic missiles were being developed in Russia, and therefore, it is possible that the head of the Russian Defense Ministry was talking about them.

That's when Israel will try to bomb the Russian base, or shoot down Russian planes, that's when your verbal diarrhea will take place. Russia should not and has no right to shoot down Israeli planes and missiles during the shelling of Syrian objects - this is the concern of the Syrians themselves. Russia did not undertake to protect Syria from everyone and everything. And even when Syria officially fought with Israel - our troops did not participate in the hostilities ... Counselors didn’t count.
Hypersonic and laser weapons are not developed for this purpose in order to fight for Syria.

... when in Syria, in response to the shelling, Tsahal Air Force planes will fall into a super weapon from Shoigu and it will be possible to believe. In the meantime, everything is exactly the opposite (see how many Russian planes and helicopters are shot down and how many Israeli or American, and the Jews bomb Syria regularly, including very close to the bases of the Russian Federation) to believe in fairy tales is extremely difficult. And do not worry about the “firing on us”, hitting it, etc., try dodging around someone’s military base and see what happens

You are either a fool or an enemy radical, one of two things.

This is really a "miracle", zero air resistance in the atmosphere of the earth, just ridiculous. RUSSIA does not frighten by its achievements, and RUSSIA HASN'T WAS AN AGGRESSOR.

That expert sofa, knows more than the Minister of Defense. We have already heard about cartoons that the bridge in Crimea is a holography, hyper-weapons are cartoons, etc.

Shoigu again carried away fantasies. He has no supertechnologies. All 60's rocket technology. There is only one super technology: patent number XXUMX "Device for controlling the flow around an aircraft." Aerodynamic drag LA reduces to zero. Reaching 149598 km / s in a dense atmosphere is real. But Shoigu does not want to introduce such technologies.