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Shoigu: Russia will create long-range hypersonic missiles

The head of the Russian Defense Ministry announced an increase in the range of destruction of Russian hypersonic missiles.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that the Russian military intends to increase the flight range of Russian hypersonic missiles in the near future. Considering that today this figure is about 2-3 thousand kilometers, experts believe that, thanks to developments in this direction, this figure will increase to 5 thousand kilometers. And, apparently, we are talking not only about hypersonic missiles "Zircon", but also about cruise missiles used by the strategic aviation of Russia.

According to Sergei Shoigu, it is planned to increase not only the flight range, but also the flight speed of hypersonic missiles. This, obviously, testifies not only to the development of new types of weapons, but to the modernization of existing missiles through the use of new types of rocket fuel, thanks to which, by the way, the rocket can be accelerated to hypersonic speed.

It should be noted that today only two countries own hypersonic weapons: Russia and China, while the United States is making fruitless attempts to test the hypersonic missiles under development. By the way, today only Russia has weapons capable of hitting targets moving at hypersonic speed.

Pictured: Boeing X-43
Unmanned aerial vehicle
Unmanned experimental hypersonic aircraft built under the NASA "Hyper-X" program

Nonsense, Zircon, according to TASS and Google, has a range of no more than 400 km.
And then it is not known whether all the time the rocket goes on hypersonic and at what altitude (in near-earth space everything flies on hypersonic, only the sound has nowhere to come from))) And the ICBM warheads enter the atmosphere on hypersonic. The author writes about a long-range missile performing a maneuverable controlled flight at hypersound throughout the entire trajectory?



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