Omicron coronavirus strain brought to Russia by plane from Egypt

The opening of flights with Egypt led to the importation of the most dangerous strain of the coronavirus COVID-19 into Russia.

Senator and Honored Doctor of Russia Vladimir Krugly said that the Omicron strain of the COVID-19 coronavirus has already been brought to Russia. According to Krugly, the most dangerous strain of the coronavirus, COVID-19, came from Egypt, which was probably facilitated by the opening of flights to that country a few months ago.

“The Omicron strain is most likely already in Russia. The source of its distribution is our people who visited Egypt ", - said Vladimir Krugly.

Given the rate of spread of the new strain of coronavirus COVID-19, it is possible that in the near future air traffic with African countries may be canceled again, as this could lead to a sharp increase in morbidity and mortality from coronavirus in Russia.

At the same time, representatives of Rospotrebnadzor stated that to date, no citizen of the Russian Federation has been identified with the Omicron strain, however, it is possible that this is only a matter of a short time.

Over the past day, 33 cases of coronavirus infection were detected in the country, while the death rate was 548 cases.

Doesn’t care

Now let's compare with the actions of Israel (it doesn't matter who treats it, but we will consider it from the point of view of the state's concern for the people), which closed the country against the background of an increase in morbidity and the emergence of a new stamp. And now ours. 4 wave, the incidence is increasing. they introduce incomprehensible weekends, open up new countries .. The situation in the country is aggravating, but you are traveling. import new dangerous stamps, you can do anything, just prick and get the code. Where is the logic?
ZY it is up to everyone to decide whether to inject or not. but I do not see logic in the actions of the authorities, from the word at all!

For a cold in Russia, even one hundred or two hundred thousand hours a day are usual indicators in the fall. And for the flu, which is twice as dangerous, stg thousand a day is a usual increase. And now there is no flu. Evaporated, or what? We'll blame everything on covid.