Su-25 attack aircraft survived after being hit by a missile

The Su-25 attack aircraft survived after being hit by a missile and made an incredible landing.

On video footage taken by the militants, you can see how the Su-25 attack aircraft receives a direct hit from a portable anti-aircraft missile system. The missile exploded near the right wing of the combat aircraft, as a result of which the aircraft received serious damage. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the wing of the attack aircraft was literally gutted with striking elements, the plane was able to make an incredible landing at a military airfield.

In video footage taken by militants, you can see how a homing missile successfully hits a combat aircraft of the Air Force of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Such consequences, as a rule, lead to the destruction of the aircraft, however, the pilot managed to keep the attack aircraft in the air, and later successfully land it at a military airfield, while the aircraft was already on fire.

In the photographs, you can see that the Su-25 attack aircraft received critical damage to the right wing, however, despite this fact, it remained in the air and was able to land with one engine actually running, which is incredible in itself.

Experts note that this fact is the best evidence of the high reliability of these aircraft and their survivability.


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