Armenian Air Force Su-25 attack aircraft come within striking distance of Azerbaijani positions

After a new attack by Azerbaijan, Armenia lifted attack aircraft into the air.

Azerbaijan's new attack on Armenia led to the fact that the Armenian Air Force raised its combat aircraft into the air, which flew at a strike distance from the positions of the air defense and artillery of Azerbaijan, which almost turned into strikes on the positions of the Azerbaijani military.

According to sources, the reason for raising the combat aircraft of the Armenian Air Force into the sky was the attack of the Azerbaijani military on a reconnaissance drone located in the airspace of Armenia, that is, we are talking about actual aggression. After several passes, the attack aircraft are reported to have returned to base, indicating that collisions have been avoided. Nevertheless, the aggressive actions of Baku indicate the fact that the conflict between the two countries can flare up at almost any time - from several weeks and days to several hours.

It should be noted that Turkey introduces a lot of problems in the settlement of the situation, continuing to make aggressive statements about the need to seize Armenia, however, thanks to the influence of Russia, neither Ankara nor Baku dares to go to an open conflict with a CSTO member state, since in the event of a real conflict , other CSTO members will provide all possible support to Armenia.

CSTO? Laughing out loud!



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