Explosion in the sky


"The jokes are over": Syria launched a missile attack on Israeli airspace

Syria launched missile strikes on Israeli territory.

The night attack by Israeli aircraft on the Syrian capital was a very serious signal for the Israeli army, as Syrian air defense systems launched a missile attack on Israeli military aircraft in Israel's own airspace for the first time in several years. It is known that at least one Syrian missile intercepted an Israeli cruise missile directly in the airspace of the Jewish state, and according to unconfirmed reports, fighters were also attacked.

The news agency Avia.pro has photographs of a fragment of a Syrian anti-aircraft guided missile that intercepted an Israeli cruise missile in Israeli airspace. Apparently, we are talking about the Russian air defense missile system "Buk-M2E".

At the moment, it is known that as a result of the Syrian attack, none of the Israeli military was injured, however, this is the first powerful signal from the official Damascus, demonstrating its readiness to attack Israeli aircraft even outside the airspace of the Arab Republic.

According to data provided by the Syrian media, at least four Syrian soldiers were injured as a result of the strikes by the Israeli military.

This is in person, fake. The board does not even resemble a military-industrial complex product from a distance. "hanging" wires from diodes type D-205 (305) .....

Each anti-aircraft missile has a self-destruction system ...

I agree, the print is single-layer, not on fiberglass, hand-soldered, about 1975-80.

not liquidated but fell there is a video of the fire

Posted photos: a) an unknown launch of an unknown rocket (in very poor quality); b) of unknown origin of bits of very old electronics in someone's kitchen.
Conclusion - the Syrians shot down an Israeli missile over Israeli territory ...

And who said that there are no victims in Israel, Israel, and they at least once spoke the truth? I'm sure not, but they need to tickle their nerves without it, they will feel like masters of the world!

Israel has no losses. And the Syrians suffered. Maybe the Syrians shouldn't rock the boat? We would sit still and that's it!

And what about us? We've already heard that.

Oh, what a beech is there!
there is still a Soviet-era fee! ))
judging by the getinax and the element base - it was a rocket from about the 70s ...

Judging by the radioelectronic filling of the rocket from the picture, all radioelements come from the 70s of the last century. In no way, not a negative attitude, just a statement.

Small fix: the Syrian air defense system is destroyed, 4 soldiers were killed

"There are photographs of a fragment of a Syrian anti-aircraft guided missile that intercepted an Israeli cruise missile in Israeli airspace."
Intercepting, i.e. knocked down.

Where in the air defense system adopted for service (according to Wiki) in 2008 the components from the 60-70s ??

Are there 4 powerful transistors on the UAZ dashboard? What are they doing there?

Airspace answered :)

Yes, the Syrian missile defense system, fired while repelling an Israeli air attack, lost its target, flew as far as the Negev and self-destructed normally. And the noise!

So they are put there :)

In the photo, the UAZ dashboard

Headline: "Iran has started a war with Israel!"
News: "Iran has allegedly launched an allegedly Israeli missile on an unconfirmed site, according to an unnamed anonymous source."

You have all the data not confirmed.

how is it by airspace