Complex HIMARS


Sweden could place missile systems on Gotland for strikes on Kaliningrad

The deployment of Swedish troops on Gotland made Kaliningrad a possible target for a NATO attack.

Despite the fact that Sweden is not a NATO member country, it became known that Sweden could deploy HIMARS tactical missile systems on the island of Gotland (where Swedish army units began to arrive about two days ago). With a maximum strike range of the latter of 300 kilometers, Kaliningrad may well become a target.

At the moment, it is known that not only the Swedish military is deployed on Gotland, but also various types of weapons and equipment, including radar stations that provide control over a vast region. Given the fact that a few months ago the Swedish military was “training” to quickly deploy OTRK in the Baltic Sea, at the moment Stockholm could well take radical and provocative steps against Russia.

Despite such arguments, there are no facts indicating the deployment of HIMARS tactical missile systems on the island of Gotland, but the situation near the Russian borders is escalating very quickly. This forces Russia to take tough retaliatory steps.

What "tough reciprocal steps" has Russia taken? Something I didn't notice!

And these are there. No nuclear weapons, do not get into adult showdowns.

Here the Swedes could do it
In tacit contact with NATO

So attention for the Swedes is necessary

Well, Stockholm is also close...