Sweden announced another supply of weapons to Ukraine - the package includes Leopard 2 tanks, air defense and artillery

Sweden has agreed on a new package of military assistance to Ukraine.

As part of the next package of military assistance, the Swedish authorities decided to transfer to Ukraine 10 Leopard 2A5 tanks, 8 Archer artillery mounts, RBS-97 man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems, as well as a large batch of artillery ammunition. The total package of weapons and ammunition for Ukraine is estimated at about 604 million dollars.

The supply of 10 Leopard 2A5 tanks to Ukraine is a likely attempt to form another tank battalion in Ukraine, consisting of combat vehicles of this type, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine intend to start using to organize their offensive, which, among other things, was announced the day before by representatives of the Wagner PMC .

Equally serious concern is the supply of Archer self-propelled artillery mounts to Ukraine from Sweden. The latter are characterized by a high rate of fire and a fairly long range of strikes. Moreover, a little earlier, Sweden had already allocated similar weapons to Ukraine, although the Armed Forces of Ukraine have not yet commented on their effectiveness.


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