Sweden handed over air-blasted shells to Ukraine

Sweden handed over air-blast munitions for CV90 combat vehicles to Ukraine.

This type of ammunition poses a rather serious danger, since when approaching the target, the ammunition explodes into a cloud of damaging elements, causing very serious damage to manpower and unarmored vehicles. The exact number of this type of ammunition transferred to Ukraine is not known, however, given the shipment of 51 CV90 combat vehicles by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we can talk about 10 ammunition of this type.

Transferred to Ukraine 30 mm. airburst ammunition detonates when approaching the target and hits a large sector with submunitions. According to a number of data, the penetration ability of imitating elements is enough even to cause serious damage to lightly armored vehicles. However, these ammunition pose a much more serious danger to infantrymen, since in one short salvo it is possible to cover a very impressive sector at the same time, moreover, the same applies to the height of the target.

On the video frames you can see the tests of such ammunition. However, in addition to Swedish combat vehicles, such ammunition can also be used in Bushmaster armored vehicles, which the Armed Forces already have.

Given the supply of such ammunition, special attention should be paid to the defeat of such armored vehicles and armored personnel carriers, since in this case the latter pose a serious threat.


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