Sweden will allocate warships to “contain” Russia in the Baltic Sea

Sweden, although not a NATO member, has announced its readiness to actively cooperate with the alliance to “contain” Russia. To this end, Sweden has decided to allocate additional ships for joint patrols in the Baltic Sea.

Swedish Defense Minister Paul Jonson, speaking out in the PAP publication, emphasized the significance of this step as a deterrent and stabilizing signal for Russia. According to him, from December this year, patrolling in the Baltic Sea will begin with a joint naval group consisting of ships from the countries of Northern Europe, the Baltic states and the Netherlands under the command of Great Britain. In total, the grouping will include 20 warships, including two Swedish Visby-class missile corvettes.

This naval group was called the Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF). Yunson explained that such a large-scale grouping will ensure the protection of critical infrastructure in the region, in particular, undersea pipelines and telecommunications cables.


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