The Swedish military "found" a Russian submarine stranded in the country's waters

The excitement around the stranded Russian submarine in the waters of Sweden resulted in a scandal for the Ministry of Defense.

The discovered traces of the Russian military submarine in the territorial waters of Sweden led to the fact that all this resulted in a serious scandal, however, not for the Russian defense department, but for the Ministry of Defense of Sweden.

According to media reports, in 2014, the Swedish military launched a large-scale military search operation to search for a Russian military submarine stranded in the territorial waters of Sweden. About 1,8 million euros were allocated for this, however, as it turned out, a “top-secret” Russian submarine was a special sea buoy.

“On her hard drive there was an exact indication of a point in the south of the archipelago where the SMHI buoy, which is also used by the military, was located. The buoy broke and it turned out that a ship was sent to SMHI to pick it up. When the sound sample was correlated with the records of two Swedish submarines, everything became clear. It was not a submarine. "- reports the Swedish edition of Svenska Dagbladet.

After the publication of the materials, the Swedes began to express unflattering messages to the defense department.

"It's a shame! We do not know what is happening in our own waters! What to speak of a real conflict? ”

“Why don't the Department of Defense pay for all the searches from your pocket ?!”

“And if it really was a submarine? Do you think that the Russians would wait until they are found? ”