Swedish reconnaissance aircraft approached the Russian border at a distance of 800 meters

The Swedish plane staged an extremely dangerous provocation, approaching the Russian border by 800 meters.

Sweden and Finland, despite the fact that these countries are not yet members of NATO and due to Turkey's position are unlikely to join the Alliance in the coming years, went on a very serious provocation against Russia. As it became known, the Swedish Rockwell 690c aircraft, used for reconnaissance, staged an extremely dangerous provocation against Russia - the aircraft was seen only 800 meters from the Russian border, and neighboring Finland clearly aided this.

As it became known, the Rockwell 690c aircraft with the registration number SE-IUV, having taken off from the territory of the Finnish Oulu airport, staged a serious provocation near the borders of Russia. In some sections of the Russian-Finnish border, a Swedish aircraft equipped with special sensors and optical systems approached Russian airspace at a distance of 800 meters. This is evidenced by the data of the Flightradar24 service.

Judging by the approach to the Russian border, the plane tried either to create a serious provocation or to monitor a separate section of Russian territory, and although there were no violations of Russian airspace, such actions by Sweden and Finland are provocative.

It is noteworthy that the Rockwell 690c aircraft is not officially in service with Sweden and the latter was probably hired by the Swedish military.