The strongest repeated earthquake occurred in Turkey, Syria, Georgia and Israel

A devastating 7,8 magnitude earthquake hit Turkey again.

Despite the extreme consequences of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria tonight, around noon, repeated powerful aftershocks with the same magnitude of 7,8 points were recorded here. As a result of the earthquake, the territory of Turkey, Syria, Israel, and Georgia again suffered.

Preliminary damage from a second earthquake is extremely difficult to assess, however, it turned out to be even more destructive due to the broken integrity of buildings and structures after the first earthquake. The total number of victims may exceed several thousand people, while the number of victims may exceed 10 thousand people following the analysis of the rubble.

On the video footage presented, you can see the consequences of a repeated earthquake in Turkey and a number of other states, the situation here is close to critical, especially considering the fact that there is simply nowhere to place the wounded and injured.

The causes of extremely strong tremors are still unknown, however, experts do not exclude new tremors, both smaller and larger in strength.


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