The DPR forces deployed "killers" of Ukrainian tanks in the Donbass - the losses of tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can reach hundreds in an hour

It became known about the deployment in the Donbass of "superweapons" against Ukrainian tanks.

According to Ukrainian sources, the forces of the DPR and LPR have deployed highly effective weapons in the Donbas designed to combat Ukrainian tanks and armored vehicles. So, according to the information provided, about a hundred ATGM firing points are deployed in the area of ​​the contact line, which are capable of effectively disabling armored vehicles in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, while, in the event of a massive attack by the Ukrainian military, a third of Ukrainian tanks deployed in Donbass would be destroyed only In one hour.

In fact, we are talking about a fairly simple, but at the same time highly effective weaponry, since the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not have modern armored vehicles capable of withstanding a direct hit from an anti-tank guided missile.

"Perhaps the self-proclaimed republics do not have as many tanks as the Armed Forces of Ukraine in service, but by deploying ATGM firing positions, already in the very first hour of a large-scale military operation, the loss of tank forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass can reach 30%."- said the source.

At the same time, the very fact of the appearance of such a large number of anti-tank systems in service with the DPR and LPR remains unknown.

And the silence about the Turkish ram tractors .... And there were so many screams!

In my mustache, they "resolved" since the surrender of the USSR.

and that Turkey and its bairaktar are a party to the conflict?

and what they shouldn't ...

Alaska was given to the Americans, now we are giving the outskirts of Russia. Something needs to be addressed with this.

Novorossi can buy ATGMs from anyone from Belarusians, from Russians, and even in Papua Guinea.

How many countries are fighting with American weapons, how many mercenaries were there in Chechnya in Georgia and now in Ukraine?

Turkey is not not, we are not a party to the conflict (with our drones)

AND?! Weapons are not an indicator! Could sell, donate, steal, and any country! This is not forbidden. Turkey gave Bayraktars and that they are parties to the conflict? That's when there will be Russian soldiers, then only.

In Donbas: ATGMs appear ...
At this moment Russia: no no, we are not a party to the conflict