Thermobaric explosion


For the first time, DPR forces attacked the Ukrainian Armed Forces with thermobaric ammunition

In response to the provocations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ukrainian troops were hit with thermobaric ammunition.

The forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, for the first time since the beginning of the armed conflict in Donbass, attacked the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine using thermobaric ammunition. The attacks were carried out on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​the village of Katerinovka, while, according to the Ukrainian military, jet flamethrowers were used for the attacks.

According to the data presented, as a result of striking the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with thermobaric ammunition, a huge fireball with a diameter of about 6 meters (120 cubic meters - editor's note) was formed at the site of the explosion. The Ukrainian Armed Forces did not comment on the consequences of the strikes on their positions, however, taking into account the capabilities of thermobaric ammunition, the losses could be very impressive.

“Today, May 16, the Ukrainian side recorded and verified the facts of the use of a jet infantry flamethrower by armed formations. In particular, they opened fire with ammunition from a volumetric explosion in the direction of the village of Katerinovka. It is worth noting that this type of weapon allows for effective shelling at a distance of up to 600 m, and in the place of the explosion, a war charge is detonated, forming a fiery cloud with a volume of 120 cubic meters. Such flamethrowers are in service with the Russian army and were used during the first and second Chechen wars, special operations in Dagestan and Ingushetia, and now in Ukraine. ", - says the Ukrainian side.

According to some reports, the Bumblebee infantry jet flamethrower could have been used for the attack, however, experts do not exclude that this is a banal reference to the provocative information of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine and all citizens of Ukraine should think about where this confrontation with Russia is driving them and the war with this woman in Donbass from Ukraine where is the weaponry equipment equipment and all this is not Ukrainian production and all this was purchased with some money or given on credit for which later you will have to pay, and it’s not for nothing that Pan Zelinsky traveled abroad buffets smiles warm handshakes what else was there as an option should be thought, and first of all for the Ukrainians, the invoice for Ukraine will be presented and presented when there is nothing to pay for that everything is conceived Ukraine can go under the hammer and the only one maybe it is Russia that will take care of Ukraine, and Pan Zelinsky, and that Pan Zelinsky, Pan Zelinsky fulfills a social order and any politician does this, such is the mood among the people ...

Dear Stus, such ammunition, as you indicated, does not exist in nature))) But the presence of the same "RPO-A" DOES NOT MEAN THEIR FITNESS FOR WARRANTY STORAGE LIFE. Ukraine is not able to repeat the manufacture of many devices and ammunition, which are outdated and beyond the guaranteed shelf life, and are now dangerous for the users' personnel.

Who said no, everything is there, even handheld thermobaric grenades.

Dear Vladimir Nikolaev, I am citing completely non-secret data - "RPO-A" Bumblebee "... In the armament of the USSR since 1988, is in service with Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan ...."
Of course, the question is in the number of these "pipes" in Ukraine, but in principle they can.

It will not arrive, since the APU does not have vacuum shells and bombs.

And I think they are ready ... - And they have it not the last!

Well, the people of Russia felt the value of his oaths on themselves and they know their value.

Another nonsense of the APU for escalating the situation.

So the "guest" in this case is not in the "response", but in the fact that the war turns out to be necessary for Kiev to divert the eyes of the population from social problems (now they write off all incompetence and theft for the war) and it will and will be "200" in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and DPR.

Then you need to be prepared that a similar response will arrive, with all the ensuing consequences.

Quote: "..such flamethrowers are in service and used .... (like 1993-1996)"

Remark - Reactive infantry flamethrower - aerosol, RPO-A or "Bumblebee" is known in the war in Afghanistan as "Shaitan-pipe" (From Wikipedia)
In service with the USSR since 1988, is in service with Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, etc.
There is no data here from the OSCE and independent media from where they were shooting - they could shoot and the nat. bats of Ukraine.

Why weren't the sleeves shown?

Why doesn't Russia help them? If you took up the safety of people, then let them intercede

Russia is forced to protect its citizens from the aggression of the Nazi puppet regime. Putin has vowed to do so when he takes office.