Afghan resistance forces attack Taliban, killing over XNUMX militants

Taliban terrorists were ambushed by resistance forces.

The forces of Ahmad Massoud set up one of the largest ambushes on Taliban terrorists (banned in Russia - ed.). As a result, up to one and a half hundred militants were attacked and defeated. It is reported that the attack on terrorists took place in the Afghan province of Balkh, which confirms earlier reports that resistance forces have left Panjshir province and are now fighting terrorists throughout Afghanistan.

At the moment, it is known that a group of terrorists was attacked using not only small arms and large-caliber weapons, but also using anti-tank missile systems, RPGs and other heavy weapons. Most of the terrorists were destroyed, while another part of the militants was taken prisoner.

The leadership of the Taliban terrorist movement has not yet commented on the data on the defeat of its forces in the Balkh province, however, it is likely that there will be no statements on this score, since the terrorists had previously reported about the alleged complete suppression of the resistance forces.

Since the beginning of this month, this is far from the first major attack by the Afghan resistance forces against Taliban terrorists. It testifies to the fact that the militants cannot control the situation on the territory of the country.