Afghan Resistance Forces Deny Taliban Claims Of Panjshir Fall

Afghan militias denied losing control of Panjshir, but announced the first significant casualties.

The statement made by members of the Taliban terrorist movement a few hours ago about the alleged complete control over the Afghan province of Panjshir and the defeat of the resistance forces does not correspond to reality. The data on this matter were announced by representatives of the Northern Alliance, who noted that the Taliban did indeed launch several series of violent attacks, but at the same time they could not even move slightly into the rebel-controlled territory, although the resistance forces had the first significant losses.

According to information voiced by representatives of the resistance itself, several armored vehicles and about 120 insurgents were lost in the battles, due to a surprise attack by the Taliban using anti-tank missile systems. However, after the Taliban managed to occupy one of the fortifications, the resistance forces had already launched a counterattack and the Taliban were once again driven out of the region.

It should be noted that according to the Northern Alliance forces, over the past 600 hours the Taliban terrorists (a terrorist movement banned in the Russian Federation - ed.) Lost about 300 people and about XNUMX were taken prisoner by the rebels themselves. Earlier information that some of the Taliban allegedly decided to go over to the side of the resistance does not correspond to reality, although this is quite likely, since it became known earlier that some of the servicemen of the already former Afghan army went over to the side of the terrorists.

... apparently the Taliban in the coming days will simply seal the opposition in this mountainous, hard-to-reach "partisan" region, that's all. The most important thing is that in Tajikistan they do not think they are gods and at their own risk and do not begin to provide various types of assistance and political support to the educated son of the former field commander ... As for the US and the EU, they have already come to a mutual decision, in no way the case, to prevent the Taliban from rapprochement with Russia, and even more so in an alliance with China. It seems to me that an operation will soon begin to provide comprehensive assistance to Ahmad Shah Massoud to create the prerequisites for a new civil war and, therefore, tension on the borders of states adjacent to the Russian Federation ...



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