Panjshir resistance forces counterattacked the Taliban and liberated four more districts of Afghanistan from terrorists

As a result of a counterattack by the Afghan army, the Taliban lost control over four more regions of Afghanistan.

The terrorists of the Taliban (banned in Russia - ed.) Not only failed to suppress the resistance forces as a result of a powerful assault, but also a counter-attack by the rebels led to the fact that the militants lost control over four more regions of Afghanistan.

According to information available to the news agency, insurgents counterattacked the Taliban in an attempt by Taliban terrorists to attack areas held by resistance forces. As a result, the latter were thrown back a few more kilometers, including from territories that were previously under their control. At the moment, it is known that the resistance forces managed to completely clear the area of ​​Salang, Charikar, Khuvaja Khar and one of the areas located to the north-west of the confrontation line of terrorists.

The fighting reportedly continued throughout the night. This led to the loss of at least 35 people from the resistance forces, while the terrorists could lose up to 500 people in the clashes. This indicates the fact that even when surrounded, the resistance forces are able to withstand practically equal forces of the Taliban (there are up to 10 thousand militants in the area of ​​clashes).


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