Panjshir resistance forces knocked out a Pakistani Mi-17 helicopter

The Panjshir resistance forces knocked out a Pakistani Mi-17 helicopter.

After Pakistan attacked the positions of the Afghan National Resistance Front in Panjshir, it became known that the militia forces were able to knock out a Mi-17 helicopter of the Pakistani Air Force. As evidence, a photograph was published in which you can see that the Pakistani Air Force rotorcraft did indeed receive some damage (their severity is still in question).

Earlier, the news agency reported that the forces of Ahmad Massoud shot down a helicopter after the first attempts by the Taliban to use aircraft against militias in Panjshir. It remains unknown whether we are talking about this particular machine or whether it is the second helicopter shot down by Punger forces in the past 48 hours.

Sources claim that none of those on board the helicopter was injured, and the rotorcraft managed to make an emergency landing in the territory controlled by the Taliban (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.).

It should be noted that despite the denials of official Islamabad, there is evidence that the Pakistani army was involved in the assault on the Afghan province of Panjshir.

If Pakistan began to openly support the Taliban, then Ahmad Massoud urgently needs to recruit volunteers from friendly states ... I think there will be a lot of them ...

Well, news !!!! This helicopter was still standing there 20 years ago.



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