Pacific Fleet Forces Begin "Hunt" For US Nuclear Submarine Off Hawaii Coast

Ships and aircraft of the Pacific Fleet began hunting for an American nuclear submarine off the coast of Hawaii.

A few hours ago, the American nuclear submarine "USS North Carolina" left the US naval base in Hawaii and went into the ocean. This happened against the background of the appearance in the Hawaiian Islands of Russian Navy ships and long-range anti-submarine aircraft, which does not exclude the possibility that the Pacific Fleet forces will work out countering the submarine against the background of large-scale military maneuvers.

Earlier, the resource reported that a group of Russian warships headed towards the Hawaiian Islands, where they also made a flight and long-range anti-submarine aircraft, where they worked out countering the American naval forces, as well as practicing strikes and destroying one of the largest naval bases USA.

"These are the estimated areas for the exercises of the diverse forces of the Pacific Fleet, located in the immediate vicinity of the Hawaii archipelago, in the surrounding waters of which the US Navy recently conducted the Agile Dagger 2021 exercise with a massive exit from the bases of its hunter-killers.", - it was said in the message of "Telegram" -channel "Operative Line".

In which direction the American nuclear submarine "USS North Carolina" advanced - is unknown, but the Russian military has the means to track American submarines.