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Sina: "If NATO special forces seized a Russian ship by force, then in an hour they would have to save the Greeks themselves and their ship"

The landing of NATO troops on board the Russian ship was called courtesy.

The Chinese news outlet Sina commented on the landing of a special unit of the Greek Navy on board a Russian cargo ship in the Mediterranean, stating that it was just a little Athens game, nothing more than an exchange of pleasantries. According to Chinese journalists, if the Greeks tried to forcefully seize a sea vessel under the Russian flag, then in 1-2 hours the Greek ship would have to be rescued.

“The Greek military who disembarked from a helicopter on the deck of a Russian cargo ship were probably exchanging pleasantries with the Russians. Russian sailors gave the Greek military access to their ship, and Greek sailors checked - in the end, a general photo was taken. <...> If NATO tried to seize the Russian ship by force, then in a couple of hours it would have to save both the Greek military and the Greek ship from the Russian fleet located in the Mediterranean Sea ", - emphasizes the publication.

It should be clarified that the very fact of the landing of the Greek Navy on board a Russian cargo ship very much alarmed Russian analysts, however. later, when it became known that this was done with the permission of the crew of the ship under the Russian flag, it became clear that no tension should be expected.

не рискнут, так как там у них недвига , двига, дети и внуки ..

Просто греки захотели с фотографироваться с российским флагом, видно такая просьба и была к капитану.

Помятые, потому что лежали в рундуке на мостике захваченного судна, там, где лежит порядка 200 флагов для захода в любой порт любого государства если потребет фрахтователь или судовладелец. Военные не таскают с собой даже свой флаг, потому что он закреплён у них на лацкане как шеврон.

This is just the beginning.

The sad thing is that 99% of those who write comments have no idea about the subject of the conversation, and so, according to international maritime law, civil ships do not have the principle of extraterritoriality, i.e. in international waters any warship has the right to stop and inspect the ship, the question is where the ship was going, if it was not going to Libya, the captain could simply ignore this "request" for inspection, and most likely the captain agreed, I don't think that the Greeks would use force to stop the ship if it continued to move. I personally had a similar situation, only the Italians tried to stop it, and when I ignored all their requests, they simply switched to another ship following us.

They were allowed ...

Yes, the boys just ran out of water, so the Greeks friends and gave a lift to their chacha.

There would be amers that the Greeks fed fish.

They want to get war, already tired

There was a violent seizure of the Russian ship. Moreover, violent abuse of the Russian flag. The author is a provocateur.

A cargo ship? The ship is in the military, and this is a ship.

About 20 years ago, in the area of ​​Cyprus, we also landed on board from a helicopter, having previously requested permission for this. No inspection - they just learn to board a ship on the go. Don't politicize everything without having the slightest idea of ​​what happened. Ours also conduct such exercises.

the guys are training, we allow and keep quiet ... we wait for them to start drowning us ...

Why is everyone so horny? The Greeks, if something is not harnessed for NATO, and NATO is not for the Greeks. Well, they wanted to, they looked, we felt weary, the state did not become impoverished and rich from this.

It's funny. From the series if my grandmother had .............

And why was the inspection allowed? They just got cold feet !!

Nonsense, that with permission, and nonsense that we would have to save the Greeks themselves)))

The crumpled flags indicate that they were similarly folded. So the Greeks brought them with them so that such a photo was taken. This means that no aggression or provocation towards us was originally planned. All the rules like.