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SINA: S-500 "Prometheus" - the most advanced air defense system in the world

China called the Russian C-500 system the best in the world.

The Chinese information publication SINA published the opinions of experts who agreed that the S-500 Prometheus (Triumphator) air defense / missile defense system, which is preparing to enter the arsenal of Russia, is the most advanced anti-ballistic and air defense system in history.

“The C-500 has a range of more than 500 kilometers and is capable of hitting up to ten targets at a time, including aircraft, drones and cruise missiles traveling at a speed of five kilometers per second.”- reports "" with reference to the publication "SINA".

Among other things, compared with the same C-400 system, which, by the way, is in service with the PRC, the radius of the Russian Prometheus is additionally increased by 150-200 kilometers, while ballistic missiles can be intercepted at considerable heights, which minimizes risks of a successful strike by the enemy.

It is noteworthy that earlier the same Chinese publication reported that China did not intend to acquire Russian C-500 because of the existence of "more effective air defense / missile defense systems", which raises questions about the current enthusiasm.

Yes, in general, no one in the world has yet surpassed C-300ПМ, and in front of this complex we have: С-300ПМ2, С-300В4, С-400 and almost ready С-500