Syria announced attacks on Israeli planes and missile strikes

Syria has announced the interception of Israeli fighters and bombers.

After the Syrian air defense systems demonstrated a high efficiency of intercepting Israeli cruise missiles during the last four attacks by the IDF, and a few days ago they successfully destroyed two Israeli drones (one of the drones was forcibly planted by an electronic warfare system - ed.), It became known about the intentions the Syrian military to begin attacks on Israeli aircraft, if the latter try to attack the territory of the Arab republic again. At the same time, retaliatory strikes on the territory of Israel itself are also likely.

According to the head of the Syrian Foreign Ministry, Faisal Mikdad, Israel's attacks will not be forgotten and Syria will begin to take appropriate measures to stop Israel. Moreover, according to Mikdad, Russia also intends to support Damascus on this issue, since Moscow is categorically against Israel's policy.

“Syria will never forget these attacks, carried out without any justification. Syria will take action to stop Israel's actions. I believe that Russia has clearly emphasized that it opposes this Israeli policy. "- Syrian Foreign Minister said.

Earlier, the Syrian military had already launched missiles into Syrian airspace several times, but the latter, according to experts, were not used for attacks, because the key was to identify the positions of Israeli air defense / missile defense systems, as well as the probable testing of electronic warfare equipment on Israeli air and missile defense systems. , since the Israeli complexes could not shoot down any of the three missiles, demonstrating a completely zero result.

Well, they will try. And it will come out the way they need to.

Sirians! Try it! Let's see what happens?